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Do you ever wonder how to explain Christmas to your children?

Whether there's any real point to Christmas? Whether it's nothing more than a commercial opportunity? Whether there any 'meaning' left in Christmas at all?

The wide variety of links on this page will help with school projects

More importantly, they will help revive a jaded spirit!

There are stories from all over the world - funny stories, thought provoking stories and eye-opening online videos.


Make Christmas His-Story

We've all got our ideas about what Christmas is about. Fun, family, gifts and celebration - if we're feeling positive; expense, wall-to-wall TV, over indulgence and maybe loneliness, if we're feeling negative.

But maybe we miss who it's all about. . .

Christmas is the story of Jesus - the Creator of the Universe born on earth as a tiny baby. A baby that grew into a man who changed millions of lives; a man whose death and resurrection means forgiveness for the past, strength for the present and real solid hope for the future.

We hope the features you find here will help to make your Christmas happier!

Better still - come to church this year - his story might just make your Christmas.

What is the true meaning of CHRISTMAS?

Kid's Questions

What is an Angel?

What was the Star of Bethlehem?

True-Life Stories which Make Sense of Christmas

All About Christmas
A great resource for school projects - and general interest!

Why Jesus is Better Than Santa Claus?
A funny and thought provoking list.

Seeking and Celebrating the Real Meaning of Christmas
From the "Retirement with a Purpose" website

The Beauty of Christmas
Does it have anything to do with a smelly old manger?

In Step - Christmas Joy, Christmas Sorrow

No Room at the Inn
Some in the audience felt Wallace had ruined the pageant. Others, however, felt it was the best Christmas pageant they had ever seen.

God Called a Girl
Mary, the mother of Jesus, was blessed. But she's not the only one!


God's Story Online home


Click on part 3 to watch the Christmas story.

- for students, teens and children

University Students:

The Not-so-ordinary Original Christmas Story
From the online student magazine "I am Next"

Who is Jesus?
Students ask the question.


My Fiancee is Having Someone Else's Baby
Read the Christmas story from today's perspective. . .
(Written for teens)

From the looks and whispers she received every day, she realized people thought Joe got her pregnant. But in her heart, she knew God had a purpose for what she carried inside. . .
(Written for teens)

God With Us
They thought the roughest part was over, but now they had to flee for their lives. Still, Joe and Mary knew God would be with them on the journey ahead. . .
(Written for teens)


"Twas a night like no other
. . . and here on the Earth,
God was getting things ready
for Jesus Christ's birth. . ."

(Written for children)

Around the World

Christmas celebrations around the world

From the land of Japan
Comes the song "Asahi wa noborite" - a contemporary carol.

Christmas Carols

Carols of Christmas
This collection of studies is designed to help you take a fresh look at several Christmas carols, spanning several countries and several centuries.

"O Little Town of Bethlehem"
How the Christmas Carol came to be written - read the story.

Ordinary People:
True Life Christmas Stories

On a Cold Christmas Eve
...under a birth...a brave woman saved her baby at all costs.

Mohinder's true story
Mohinder came to England from Punjab, India 26 years ago . . .

Hope Is Born: Celebrating His Birthday - and Mine
Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year. The holiday season is here! And soon, for me, there will be one more reason to celebrate and give thanks. My "birthday" is approaching. On January 2nd, 2005, I will celebrate the day I got sober....

Christmas in Black & White
Musician Nicole C. Mullen discovers the best gift she can offer . . .

Why bother?
What's the point?

Is the Christmas Story True?
And does it still matter today?

Angel Boy
I was delighted to discover I was going to have a baby in December. Here was the excuse to skip Christmas and dispense with the gifts, cards, and other seasonal exertions.

Down From His Glory
There was a crisis upstairs with one of the boys. Most of the boys go home for Christmas and only a few were left behind and were feeling very much abandoned and unloved.

What is the



Paradise or Pain? Why is the world the way it is?

all stressed link

help in crisis link

Christmas . in Matlock . com